In order for companies to accelerate their value of investing with AI they need to adopt to a proven framework. The recipes and blueprints provided here are built by experts to maximize the value – we simply call it The Framework.


Proven Approaches To AI Implementation


AI Strategy designed to your needs

Understand the impact of a well designed strategy on your AI implementation

Strategy design
Strategy Implementation


Get The Best People

What are the building blocks to recruit and retain the best people?

Find the people
Get the people


Optimize your technology

Is your tech stack optimized for AI and are you utilizing best practices for deployment?

Making the right choices
Architecting for the future


Data is the backbone of all AI insights

To ensure you are able to scale your efforts you need a supporting data infrastructure in place

Secure & Compliant
Federated and accessible

Operating Model

Building the organization to enable AI best practise processes

Have you set up the organisation and processes you need to onboard and retain the right people. Do you know how to properly screen and scale?

fit for purpose
Processes & guidelines


Master the next level of your AI implementation

The differentiating factor in AI implementation that goes beyond the other parts of The Framework.

Next Level expertise
Beyond the framework

Strategy Completeness

Do you know what is the most important part of your strategy? The answer might surprise you. The most important part of any strategy is not its tactics or even it’s vision, but instead completeness. Strategy completeness is about making sure that everything needed to execute a plan exists and has been accounted for. It ensures that there are no gaps in talent, resources, time, or other key pieces necessary to execute on the strategy. Making strategic decisions without considering strategic completeness can lead to execution failure because plans will fail when they lack one of these components. This blog post teaches how to create a complete plan by answering three questions: What should be included in my planning process? How do I design an effective plan? And finally, how do I

Man working the AI Framwork

Most affordable data source

It’s not a secret that data is one of the most important assets for any organization. Data analytics and insights are essential to every decision-making process, from strategy development to product design. We all know that data has become even more critical as we move into the era of AI and machine learning (ML). Organizations need more than ever accurate and comprehensive data in order to stay competitive with their technologies. However, businesses are struggling with how much they should invest in capturing this valuable resource when there are so many other areas where resources could be allocated.  So what does an organization do when it comes to deciding on whether or not they should invest in collecting higher quality data? The answer lies in looking at the ROI potential of investing in high quality data